Negative Press Covfefe is Smurfy!

First Tiger falls asleep at the wheel, then Trump falls asleep amid the constant negative press covfefe! What is the world coming to? Have the terrorists already won!? What the smurf is going on!?


Worn out by tweets from Trump

Initially, I thought I might make a funny commentary on Trump’s tweets. Some of them are funny, have odd spellings, and grammar that is more loose and of the spoken form. I have been worn out by tweets and it happened really fast. Click the * for something funny.

Tweetle dumb about diplomacy

Is it provocation, threat, or dismissal… Maybe the incoming president should leave diplomacy to others!


How to be a sore winner…

Trump’s attitude seems like a 12 year old kid who gets stuck bragging about his new shoes while the people he wants to impress walk away…


Tixs for Trump Inauguration

The “so-called” anyone who wants tickets or ticketses (tixs) for the Trump inauguration is suspicious… Can someone encourage Trump to attend security briefings and get ready to fulfil the duties of the presidency instead of wasting his time complaining about nonsense?!