Tixs for Trump Inauguration

The “so-called” anyone who wants tickets or ticketses (tixs) for the Trump inauguration is suspicious… Can someone encourage Trump to attend security briefings and get ready to fulfil the duties of the presidency instead of wasting his time complaining about nonsense?!


Nuke em back to their senses?

It is hard to follow the logic with Trump… he wants the world to be more responsible with nuclear weapons and so therefore he claims USA should stockpile and expand to pressure others to back down?


Taunting China About Drone Submarine

Trump basically tells China to stick the drone submarine where the sun doesn’t shine. Will someone please filter this loose canon or must we all suffer the loose stools he drools?

JK Rowling weighed in on the issue, suggesting that another Trump product is less than useful – gotta love honesty:



…on a serious note, would someone intervene and enroll Trump in diplomacy training?




Unpresidented display of raw power from the fingertips!!

An unpresidented display of intellect rolled off the fingertips… The non-stop train wreck is hilarious and sad… but poop and fart jokes never stop being funny. In fact, there is no precedent.